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Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

Welcome to Clueless Reader—a resource for readers, altar servers, and minor clergy of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Why “Clueless Reader”?

Why is this site called “Clueless Reader”? Well, I was ordained a reader in 2017, two years after being received into the Orthodox Church, and only four years after discovering the Orthodox Church.

  • I don’t know the tones.
  • I don’t know the rubrics.
  • I barely know how to serve in the altar.

I’m a clueless reader.

The Mission

Though resources abound online for Orthodox liturgical stuff, none of them really tell you where to start, or which portions of the information apply to the way they do things at your parish and which might not.

New converts are entering the Orthodox Church in greater numbers than ever before. We want to help. We have the drive, but we don’t know how to use the tools. We may not even fully understand the environment. There’s a need for resources that are more than raw material—resources that take you by the hand and say, “Start here, and move in this direction.” Ideally, this would come in the form of mentoring at the local parish level, but arrangements aren’t always ideal. That’s where this site comes in.

This site will be based around my personal journey of discovery, but, hopefully, it will become a resource to help others.

In Christ,
Rdr. Bryan Paul